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Video Content

The Mission of the Art of Medicine is to empower people through Health Education.
For this reason, a major part of our efforts goes into
free educational videos which cover the whole spectrum of Holistic Health and Performance Optimization.

The Art of Medicine Show

The Art of Medicine Show is a Podcast Format in which we are interviewing
top performers from all areas and times of
life who share their knowledge about how to
peak perform, reach your goals, and stay
healthy and fit while doing so.

Digital Coaching

We help athletes, entrepreneurs, creatives and other independent people to achieve their peak performance and defeat chronic disease and fatigue. We analyse you from top to bottom and coach you through diet, nutrition, supplementation, exercise, breathing, and other health interventions to give you a system to achieve the lasting vitality you deserve.

Hey! I’m Tim

Holistic Health & Performance Coach

 Growing up with athletic ambitions, my journey with Holistic Health and Performance Optimization started off very early. As every young athlete, I learned from tons of mistakes along the way. Even after a prolonged injury ended my focus at a professional athletic career, my interest in what makes a human perform and live an his or her peak, never faded. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree and dug deep into Holistic Health and the Science of Performance. After that, I became a Holistic Lifestyle Coach at the CHEK Institute. The idea for a Heath Education Platform such as The Art of Medicine however, sprouted after I met dozens of clients, friends and acquaintances  who could not find the help they needed to overcome chronic disease, kept exercise programs which led to continued injuries, and struggled with tiredness, a lack of focus, brain fog and fatigue to achieve the things they want to achieve.
The Mission of the Art of Medicine became clear; To empower people through Health Education and Performance Coaching.
The human body is a truly fascinating subject. In the last years I have read hundreds of books, researched countless articles and other publications to find the most valueable insights towards Health and Performance for Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Creatives, and still I feel like there is so much more. I then take these insights and continue to test everything I found valid on myself. To be the best Athletic Trainer and Coach I can be, I live it to teach it.